Day 1

7:01 pm
This is my view right now. 

Bath done. Nighttime diaper on. No pjams yet. Allllmost bedtime. He's so tired but just wants to play. And pull books off the shelf. 
Ok. Pjs on now. 
Passed him off to the hubby. So he can't smell my milk. Just 30 more minutes till milkies. And sleep. 
Meanwhile I'm hiding in the nursery. Eating Safeway cake. Marble cake. It's actually pretty good. I'm not really that picky with my cake though. 
Oh and writing this! 
On my phone. With 12% battery left. 
This cake is good. Pic for proof. 

I can hear Mal growl at Dallas from the other room. Dallas laughs.

7:13 11% battery Can't plug in phone until I get in bed to nurse Dallas to sleep. When I worked at a bakery we had a refrigerated cake case that we stored cakes in waiting to get picked up. I got to clean sprinkles out from the sliding door tracks. When the case was full of cakes it weirdly smelled just like I remember Disneyland smelling like. I still don't know how or why. I haven't been to Disneyland in 10 years. Really? Hmm. Yeah think so. We talked about taking Dallas for his first birthday. But we might be in Albuquerque by then. Who knows. Fingers crossed.

I can hear him whining in the other room. Ugh. Just 10 more minutes. Then milkies. Then sleep. CAKE. So anyways... We are still new to this. But bear with us. What am I going to blog about? I don't know. Dallas? Babywearing? Cake? Yes. Yes. Yes. And everything in between.

7:23 Ok. Going in for milkies early. Hope he will still zonked out for the night. But first I gotta stash this cake in the fridge for later...

So here it goes: I'm Jules. Dallas is 9 months old and here we are. Hi!