A turtle?!

So I'm fairly new to wrapping.

I have 2 wraps. A size 5 Pellicano. And I just got a size 6. 

It's a Kokadi Tosba. And it's pretty much the best thing ever. The end. 

Lol ok fine. 

So it's 100% cotton. But it's honestly the softest wrap I've ever felt. I've had my eye on Tosba for a while. A DISO if you will. It far exceeds my expectations. So it's pretty. And soft. 

But how does it wrap?

Pretty good? I'm not sure. I don't have a lot to compare it to. But I really like. A lot.  

And for now that's enough. 

It's black and turquoise/jade/teal/emerald. The blue green color is hard to describe. The dull lighting in my house at night doesn't do it any justice. Probably doesn't help that a light went out in the hall too. I should replace that. Remind me to replace that lightbulb. Thanks. 

But it's funny. How we pick out the wraps to buy. Baby Dude doesn't care. So why turtles? Why Tosba? I could tell you about how I collected everything turtle when I was in high school. Or did a book report on sea turtles in 7th grade. 

Whatever reason, Tosba has a new home here. And the 7th grader in me is secretly glad that it's another turtle to add to my collection.