Greetings from Santa Cruz

You know those days that just turn out perfect? Yesterday was like that.

This picture makes me so happy. Like everything about it. 

We randomly drove to Santa Cruz and decided to get a hotel.
 This was the view from our door.

We've been here a handful of times since I met hubby. But there's something about vacation with a baby. Seeing everything through new eyes. It's magical. You know like his first taste of sand. 

His first carousel ride. 

Love the smirk on his face.

But seriously. 
Without my Tula and ring sling our day would have been 10x harder. 

The Tula kinda becomes part of the memory. Like a family member that tags along but makes the day that much better. And of course allows for shameless selfies. 

Baby Dude was a happy camper. 

People were looking at us like we were crazy. Even when buying a drink the cashier asked if there was someone on my back. 

Yup. I have a hitchhiker. 

We saw tons of strollers. And tired kiddos being held by tired parents. 

And a couple of other baby carriers too. A mama with her hubby helping her into an Ergo smiled as we walked by. 

She saw my hitchhiker. And gave that knowing smile. That look we are in the same club smile. 

But what a day. 


And I really wanted to post right now. So I wouldn't forget that feeling. 

The sun is just now coming up. I can hear seagulls. The ocean. Baby cooing in his sleep. 

And hubby snoring. Like a bear. 

This is the life, right?

Greetings from Santa Cruz. 

Wish you were here.