Review: Apple Blossom Wovens Twilight Cream

I have had this size 5 (base -1 for me) for a week now and was initially super nervous about the hemp. I didn't know what to expect or what wrapping with it would be like. This was also my first loomstate wrap. 

So here are my thoughts!

The first wash and steam iron were so important. The hemp set so nicely and it actually dried pretty quickly over the night. It felt light and airy to the touch. Had some stretch to it but it did feel pretty scratchy though.

 The first day wearing this wrap I got so discouraged. It was raining and the wrap was almost impossible to use. I think it was a combination between the hemp and the rain and my newness to wrapping in the rain, but I was almost in tears trying to get my 2.5 year old 30 pound toddler in a ruck. The passes weren't gliding and the wrap kept getting stuck. 

Once I got the 13 pound almost 3 month old in a soggy fwcc the knot was also a beast to tie. We ran some errands but the best way to describe how the wrap felt is squeaky. 

By day 2 of wearing the wrap I could feel the wrap starting to soften up. The grip was amazing and the glide was coming along. Wore both kiddos and could really feel the difference the hemp made with both. 

For the toddler it was strong and supportive without the bulk. It was easy to get him up and secured before he got fidgety. Solid and fast toddler ups. 

For the baby it was light and just moldable enough to keep her cozy for a nap. I wore her the most and even while wearing her for an hour or so she stayed warm and I stayed comfy. Cozy and comfy baby ups. 

By day 3 of wearing the wrap felt as soft as my 100% cotton Secret Garden with the added bonus of not have quite the bulk. 

Overall, the versatility is the best part about this wrap. Perfect for baby. Perfect for toddler. 

Oh and the colors. The purple, blue and pink combo just pop against the cream. Simply stunning. Be prepared for all the compliments everywhere you go!  💗💜💙