Twilight Zone

Day 1
I got this lovely Apple Blossom Wovens tester in the mail this week and whoa it's beautiful. The colors pop and the cream hemp weft really lets them shine.

It is just gorgeous in loomstate. It's light and airy. Thin to the touch and stretchy.

Here's a comparison to the 100% cotton Secret Garden I have.

I love seeing these side by side not just for the colors but also you can see why it's so important to wash and iron a loomstate wrap. Those fibers are just begging for a good press.

So after a hot wash. I steam iron.

And let dry overnight.

Day 2

I was worried the hemp would take forever to dry, but it’s dry by the morning. A scratchy dry, but dry. Still feels and looks thin. Grab a quick Bloom shot and surprised at the difference.

(Dino pumpkin decorated by toddler ;-)

I toss in the car for a quick ruck with the 30 pound toddler for school drop off.

Unsuccessful trunk ruck. Had to restart. Tails wet. Toddler up. Hard to tighten. Especially wet and damp out.
I don't know if it's the hemp or cotton, but once it got wet it was really difficult to work with. We live in Oregon so the rain is a way of life. Nevertheless the colors are vibrant and pop. His teachers even compliment the colors.

Tail still wet for errand with fwcc and baby. Trunk wrap with wet tails. 

Really difficult to tie knot with wet tails.  Fit is snug and didn't have to readjust. 2 hours worth of errands and besides a soggy knot, the fit stays put and baby is cozy. She settles in and falls asleep.

Some toddler ups after nap.

And then to our evening walk
Started high but started to sag. Got achy after an hour walk. Though this may be user error with not tightening enough though it doesn't glide very easily either.

This is my favorite brick wall!

Day 3
Quick morning coffee ups.

Then to fire and life safety day. Cold morning. Solid wrap job. Didn't sag.
Another babywearing mama in a SSC ask about the wrap and I proceeded to shamelessly gushed about ABW for way too long.

Itch almost completely gone. Super moldable. Hugs baby. Thin and airy but strong. Kept her warm and she fell asleep.

We went to the library in the afternoon and I attempted an Anne's front carry with a fancy finish. Not sure I did it right. Felt loose. And baby never settled in. Still the wrap did its job and didn't budge despite my ok wrap job.

And toddler ups at night for a FaceTime call with the babywearing bestie.

Twilight holds a great ruck. Always feels solid without being bulky. I love putting the toddler up in this!

Day 4
Feels suddenly so soft today.

Quick ups while toddler gets a hair cut. Baby settles in and falls asleep.

And then after nap toddler ups to show off his haircut!