Review: Apple Blossom Woven Twilight Magenta

Here’s a quick review of Twilight Magenta I received the tester as a size 3 which is base minus 3 for me. This blend is 25% linen and 75% cotton. It’s soft to the touch and has a smooth look to it. It’s glides nicely and wraps thin. It was great for a slipknot. Had just enough glide to adjust and stayed put. I also got a nice Robbins hip carry with it. It was nice and cozy for the baby and easy to tie a knot even with short tails. I also used it in a ruck TUB for the toddler. It was almost a little too glidey for a fidgety toddler and wasn’t quite supportive enough to wear for very long. But in a longer size it think it would hold up better tied off in front instead. Oh but let’s not forget about the most important part: THE COLORS The magenta weft really makes the rich berry undertones pop. It’s such a lucious and juicy combination. It transforms in natural light and truly glows and shines. The colors are just so saturated and juicy. You almost want to take a bite. YUM. TLDR: soft and glidey perfect for baby. Good for toddler back carries too! THE COLORS ARE EVERYTHING.