Review: Apple Blosson Wovens Midnight Sky Kaleidoscope Black

Midnight Sky Kaleidoscope Black Review Size 4 (Base -2) 100% cotton MSK Black arrived to me in Base -2 (Size 4) right before we left for vacation. We packed it up and it truly glows in the California sunshine. It is 100% cotton so felt nice and light in warm weather. The Kaleidoscope weave is unlike any other wrap I’ve ever tried. It features a pillowy texture that adds extra cushion on my shoulders in various carries. It takes an extra bounce or two to tighten my passes but once secured, the grooves locked in and stayed put. The colors from blue to purple and a little pink look stunning with the black weft. The dark colors are great for easy care and doesn’t show dirt stains that are inevitable with two kiddos up and down. It was perfect for a fwcc tub with my 18 pounder and a solid ruck with my 30 pounder. It feels thin in hand, although it does wrap a little short. However, it ties a solid knot no matter what because of those forgiving little grooves saving the day. It’s a great wrap for beginners for that reason too. The texture really holds carries even with a less that perfect wrap job. MSK Black helped me finally conquer back wrapping my 18 pounder. The texture was really patient with my slow passes and held up despite loose rails. Don’t worry experienced wrappers! It has a lot to offer to you as well. The weave is really some thing to try and discover all the cush 100% cotton can offer. From the beach to the snow. From a baby to a toddler. Front carry to back wrapping. This wrap is such a gorgeous versatile chameleon workhorse. Truly up for anything. Stunning and otherworldly. Whether it’s your first wrap or another wrap to add to your collection, I think you will be reaching for this quite often. It just begs to be worn.