Review: Emmeline Textiles Grace Napa

Grace Napa is the newest wrap in the ribbon series from Emmeline Textiles. It features a stripe  ribbon pattern in a cream and purple color. The purple color has slight texture and the cream is smooth.
All rolled up from EmTex headquarters

Name- Grace Napa
Size- Base
Sedona (19 pounds)
Dallas (34 pounds)

Here are my top 10 favorite things about this wrap:

1. Stretch and Recoil
This wrap has great stretch and bounces back with recoil that hugs in tight.
Side view of Double Hammock
2. Thin
It is thin to the touch and allows an airy breeze.

3. Soft and Soapy
Soft after the first wash and then just glides right into place.
Loom to Bloom

4. Great for babies
The thin and soft qualities naturally are a perfect match for smaller kiddos.
Epic sleepy dust!

5. Great for big kids
The spring and bounce of the stretch holds up to the weight of big kids too.
Birthday Eve sunset walk with the preschooler

6. Perfect for single pass carries
Breezy and comfy in both FWCC and a Ruck.
FWCC with Sedona
Ruck with D

7. Shines in Multipass Carries
Felt amazingly strong and secure in Double Hammock and Ruckless Bikini Carry
8. Classic design and color
Purple stripes. Enough said!
Color comparison to neighborhood spring flowers

9. Versatile for lengths
Awesome in base, but would be a fun shorty too!

10. Great for Dancing!
Just enough bounce and spring to move and swing!!!

Babywearing dance class shenanigans

Summary: An ace-bandagey, thin, cushy, purple dream!!!