Review: Emmeline Textiles Grace Pearl v2

Grace Pearl v2 is a delicious natty almost butter colored wrap with a subtle ribbon pattern.

Knot Comparison: Grace Pearl, top and Eleanor Pearl, bottom

As the newest release from the Grace line, it is from the ribbon series and is 100% pima. 

The pima brings great stretch and recoil. 

Eleanor Pearl, left with Grace Pearl, right

Hugs you tight without any extra weight or digginess.

 It’s thin in hand and wraps a tiny bit long.

The ribbon design provides great soapy glide.

Very easy to wrap with and a great beginner wrap. 

The pima also allows a smooth grip that stretches out and springs back in to hold.

It reminds me of a micro ace bandage. 

Sloppy wrap job 

It is perfectly light and airy but gets the job done even with a sloppy wrap job. 

Epic sloppy wrap job 2

I love this wrap for all ages. It was perfect for my 22 pound baby. We tried carries such as:

Ruckless Bikini Carry

Front Wrap Cross Carry

Back Wrap Cross Carry

Double Hammock with a Candy Cane Chest Belt

Good for big kids too!

It also felt super supportive and still provided great bounce with my 35 pound toddler.  

Pleaty pleat pleats
Summary: Light and airy stretchy buttery perfection.